What people are saying about Church Courage and it’s founder Stu Streeter

Todd Hahn

images-1I am so excited to see the launch of Church Courage. For one thing, it’s a great idea whose time is right now. For another, I believe in and respect Stu Streeter so much. I’ve worked side by side with him in assessing church leaders and potential church leaders and have admired his wisdom and discernment. I’ve heard him speak and know that he is compelling and engaging. And I’ve seen the hard-won and proven wisdom he brings to the table in helping churches transition and cross growth barriers. He’s a great leader with compassion and insight for other

leaders. I highly recommend he and Church Courage to you no matter what your next step is in growth and leadership development!

-Todd Hahn is a church planter, organizational consultant, speaker and author of five books including Thriving in Ministry Conflict as well as his newest release, Your Intentional Difference.


Banning Liebscher


It takes a massive amount of courage to be a leader and to follow Jesus. Because of this, one of thebiggest things we face as leaders is the issue of discouragement. Throughout Scripture we see God strategically placing people in the lives of leaders to encourage them. Esther had Mordecai, Joshua had Moses, Paul had Barnabas, and the list goes on. None of these leaders could have done what God had called them to do without key people in their lives investing in them and putting courage inside of them. I have experienced this to be true in my own life as a leader. Stu Streeter is one of those key leaders in the body of Christ who God is strategically placing alongside other leaders to bring them courage. I’m convinced many of us do not need more training we simply need the courage needed to do all God has called us to and to not give up. I am grateful for Stu and his heart to serve leaders at this level. I am convinced churches and ministries will thrive because of his passion for leaders.

-Banning Liebscher is a Pastor, Founder & Director of Jesus Culture; Author of several books including his best seller, Journey of a World Changer: 40 days to ignite a life that transforms the world

Kent Carlson

kent_carlson_sqStu is amazing.  His breadth of knowledge, practical experience, and love for the church instilled immediate confidence in the leaders and people of our church.  While our campaign was obviously aimed at raising money, Stu kept us focused on larger kingdom and formational issues. He helped make the strenuous effort of a giving campaign a genuine experience of spiritual growth.

-Kent Carlson is the Founding and Co-Senior Pastor of Oak Hills Church and Co-Author of Renovation of the Church



 Brian Becker

becker_sqStu Streeter was an invaluable asset to the formation of our church in our first few years, particularly when he came for a weekend and provided an assessment for both our leadership team and our church as a whole.  He understands the unique steps each church must take on its journey, yet still provides clear and attainable steps to move forward.  Having a person such as Stu come in from the outside provides a perspective that is so easy to miss for the rest of us living in the trenches.  His teaching and guidance is still being used by our teams two years after his visit.  I couldn’t encourage you more to utilize this terrific ministry in your church.

-Brian Becker, church planter & lead pastor of Hope City Church – Portland, Or.

Dr. Steve Kellar

SteveStu Streeter is a man who embodies the word courage.  Faced with the daunting challenge of planting a church in the shadows of the mega church world we live in, Stu has forged a vibrant community of faith that understands the priority of joining God on His mission to the world.  The systems he has in place are laser sharp, the staff he leads are united in purpose, and the things he is doing are eminently transferable to any church planter looking to grow his church God’s way.  I have found Stu to be a valued resource and trusted friend as we endeavor to plant churches together in Northern California.  I highly recommend him to you as a skilled practitioner, and gifted consultant.

-Dr. Steve Kellar, Executive Minister, Nor Cal Association of NAB Churches


Dr. Pete Shaw

pete_shaw_sqStu played a leading role in helping us develop a Capital Campaign for a significant remodeling project.  From day one, Stu was incredibly positive and supportive.  Sometimes disclosing details about your church can feel pretty vulnerable, but Stu has the capacity to put others at ease.  On stage, Stu was exceptionally professional, engaging, and passionate while naturally fitting into the culture of my church.  Stu knows his stuff, is well organized, very articulate, and has enough energy to power a space station.

-Dr. Pete Shaw, Lead Pastor, Crosswalk Community Church – Napa, Ca.



Paul Taylor

lxHejjgXChurch consultants seem to be ubiquitous. Everyone has their own coaching network or 10 step process or program to help you get unstuck in your current ministry challenge. If you feel a bit jaded with the state of true ministry partners to step along side you in your personal or professional leadership challenge, I can’t say that I blame you. However, there is an alternative. Stu Streeter is that alternative. Stu is a proven ministry and field tested leader who understands the dynamics of large church staffing, start up/church plants, and fund raising. Rarely does one ministry leader have the breadth of experience and matching skill set to help you face your most challenging growth barriers or simply help you take your ministry to the next level. Stu walked with us through a feasibility study in preparation for our 2nd capital campaign in less than 3 years. The wisdom and personal feedback that Stu provided were invaluable in giving our team the data to move forward. Church Courage is the perfect moniker for what Stu provided me as the lead pastor and our leadership team as a whole. If you want to take your ministry to the next level, then partner with Church Courage and Stu Streeter, you won’t regret it!
-Paul Taylor is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Rivers Crossing Community Church and Midwest Director for Growing Healthy Churches Network.