Church Assessments

With very little exception I find the churches that are truly prevailing in accomplishing what God has called them to have the courage to bring in outside eyes regularly. Through a mid-week or weekend assessment I can, in partnership with your church, through a number of different tools:


  • Group interviews with your staff and/or leadership team(s)
  • One on one interviews with key influencers in your church
  • Analytics based on a church-wide survey
  • and most any other things you would like me to look into while on site.


I also have access to top practitioners in the following areas that can join me on site for consultation, assessment and training in specific areas like:


  • Sunday production
  • Environmental design
  • Sound & video
  • Financial systems & management


Just days after my visit with you I will send you a comprehensive and detailed report that highlights the following:


  • Your church’s unique advantages and strengths
  • Any critical areas for growth
  • Prescriptive steps for accomplishing your next goals
  • Timelines, coaching & resources for your next steps


You will be amazed what a few days with some outside eyes and ears will do for the overall health  and courage in your church. Click the LET’S TALK button on this page and let’s discuss further the best time and design for me to partner with you in assessing your church. I can even send you a sample report from church’s just like yours that have experienced this in the past.

“ I have found Stu to be a valued resource and trusted friend as we endeavor to plant churches together in Northern California.”Steve KellarDenominational Executive
“I highly recommend Stu and Church Courage to you no matter what your next step is in growth and leadership development!”Todd HahnTAG Consultants
“I am convinced churches and ministries will thrive because of Stu’s passion for leaders.”Banning LiebscherFounder & Pastor, Jesus Culture
“Stu is amazing, and his love for the church instilled immediate confidence in our leaders.”Kent CarlsonNorCal NAB Regional Minister, Author
“Stu’s teaching and guidance is still being used by our teams two years after his visit.”Brian BeckerLead Pastor, Willamette Christian
“Stu knows his stuff, is well organized, very articulate, and has enough energy to power a space station.”Dr. Peter ShawTransformation Pastor