Sometimes all you need is a regularly scheduled hour that offers you an opportunity to work out the Call God has placed on your life and ministry…


A person to whom you go to vent frustrations.

A person who listens to your dreams and helps focus them into action.

A relationship designed to make you better at your work.

One person you know who will see around the corners and help you avoid roadblocks in your way.


No matter if it’s your first year in ministry or your 41st, Stu would love to help coach you through your next season in ministry. Coaching can be done via Skype or over the phone and typically consists of two 30-minute calls or one 60-minute call each month.

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“ I have found Stu to be a valued resource and trusted friend as we endeavor to plant churches together in Northern California.”Steve KellarDenominational Executive
“I highly recommend Stu and Church Courage to you no matter what your next step is in growth and leadership development!”Todd HahnTAG Consultants
“I am convinced churches and ministries will thrive because of Stu’s passion for leaders.”Banning LiebscherVisionary, Revivalist
“Stu is amazing, and his love for the church instilled immediate confidence in our leaders.”Kent CarlsonPastor, Author
“Stu’s teaching and guidance is still being used by our teams two years after his visit.”Brian BeckerChurch Planter
“Stu knows his stuff, is well organized, very articulate, and has enough energy to power a space station.”Dr. Peter ShawTransformation Pastor